Cernica Lake And Monastery

Cernica Lake And Monastery – The southern part of the Cernica Lake (341 ha), located 14 km east of Bucharest, is covered by reed beds and has been declared a nature reserve.

Cernica Monastery

In 1608, Cernica Știrbei, Mihai Viteazul’s vornic (a high-ranking official in charge of justice and internal affairs), built the Cernica Monastery on the shore of this lake. The monastery grounds are divided into two: Saint Nicolas Church on a lake island (1815), and on another – Saint George Church (1831-1842).

Gala Galaction, Ion Tuculescu and Dumitru Staniloae are buried in the graveyard; look for the white marble vault of Metropolitan Nifon, with interior murals painted in 1875 by Gheorghe Tattarescu. The graveyard chapel, of Saint Lazarus, was built in 1804.

Monastery Museum

Within the Cernica monastery precincts there is a museum in the house where St. Calinic (1787-1868) lived. In the Church of St. George, which he founded, there is a casket with his relics. He was the abbot of the monastery for 31 years. In the monastery museum we can admire 17 th – to 19th-century icons, casings and embroidery, manuscripts, paintings, silver artifacts and pottery.