Căldărușani Lake And Monastery

Forty kilometers north-east of Bucharest, the 6-km-long Căldărușani Lake is surrounded by the forest of the same name (a remnant of the Vlăsia Woods). Ideal for bike rides and animal watching.

It is home to rare species of birds, reptiles (the snake-eyed skink), animals (pheasants, hares, bucks, deer) and fish (zander, catfish, perch, asp, carp, common bream). A pheasant farm has been set up to the west of the forest.

The Grădiștea – Căldărușani – Dridu area has been declared a protected area for wild birds and animals. With 20,000 migratory birds stopping here on their way from North Europe to Africa. The lake with its wide reed beds and floating islands might remind one of a miniature delta.

The church of the Monastery

The church of the Căldărușani Monastery was built by Neagoe Basarab between 1637 and 1638. In the Curtea de Argeș and Dealu Monasteries model. The monastery museum houses one of the richest collections of church artifacts, paintings, icons (some of them signed by Nicolae Grigorescu) and books.